We like to work with the best. Likewise, companies come to us because they want to work with the best mystery shopping partner.

Each year, BestMark turns away millions of dollars worth of business in order to maintain our quality standards, and we carefully inventory our abilities when considering partnerships with potential clients. Our mission isn't just to provide data. We listen and consult with you to understand how we can truly make your organization better.

Philosophy of Business

Our philosophy of business and the strong character of our principal management team are the primary distinguishing characteristics that set us apart from the competition. In fact, we believe this sets us above most companies today. All of the principals at BestMark are perfectionists, immensely detail-oriented, highly ethical, and share an unshakeable commitment to the work we perform and the partnerships we develop.

At BestMark, we don't make promises we cannot keep, we work hard and long, we respond quickly, and we develop strong and enduring relationships with our clients.

We strive to make every client feel like our only client and to make things look easy, even when they're not.

See The Difference


As one of the nation's first mystery shopping companies, BestMark's executive leadership team played a large role in creating and shaping the mystery shop landscape as it exists today. We are now much more than a mystery shopping company. BestMark continues to be a thought leader in the customer experience research industry and serves as a valuable consultant to America's most innovative and customer-focused companies.

Creating a Difference


Yes, we love technology. In fact, we internally design and create all of the software that drives our business. Our systems are designed with a singular purpose in mind: to deliver quality products to our clients. Since we're not forced into the constraints of someone else's software, we can custom design online tools and interfaces to turn our clients' ideas into powerfully functional products.

BestMark is always ahead of the curve when it comes to technology development and passing those innovations along to our clients. We are committed to our leadership position in the industry and to remaining on the cutting edge of technological advances. For example,

Quality Field Representatives

We understand that our field representatives (shoppers, auditors, and exit interviewers) are also our clients and very valuable to our company. The BestMark University trains and certifies each and every representative. Our field force exceeds 500,000, and we have many more applicants waiting in the wings. We have coerage in all 50 states, throuhgout Canada, and in Europe. Ask a mystery shopper which company's shops are most desirable, and you'll likely hear "BestMark" as the answer!

Many companies subcontract the field representative hiring, scheduling, and even the quality editing processes. None of those subcontractors can match BestMark's quality or replace the value of the personal connections we have with our field representatives. Using our own people allows us to maintain superior quality control over our entire process, solution, and operation.