Today’s employees really do want performance feedback. It just makes sense. Your people want to be engaged in their jobs, to understand what is expected of them, and to be trained to succeed.

Conducting employee evaluations annually or every six months with no mechanism in place to provide frequent feedback just isn't enough to set up employees for workplace success on a continual basis. Maintaining ongoing effectiveness in a mystery shop program can also be difficult.

Fortunately, implementing a system of internal employee evaluations in conjunction with external mystery shops is the most successful method for improving employee behaviors on a long-term basis.

Performing internal evaluations and providing consistent feedback is a great way to promote employee growth and engagement. It also keeps goal behaviors top of mind for all involved.

The BestMark Advantage -– Internal Evaluations

We bring measurement from outside evaluations into a hands-on, engaging internal process and teach managers and front-line supervisors how to measure and observe behaviors that achieve internal goals.

Integrating internal employee evaluations with mystery shop data begins by identifying the unique key drivers for your organization. Key drivers are the primary behaviors that most significantly drive customer delight and internal initiatives.

BestMark has several proprietary methods for pinpointing your unique key drivers, including regression analysis and other data-mining techniques. These are the same key drivers and themes that are stressed in the mystery shops and existing internal training materials.

Once the key drivers are identified, employees are trained to perform those specific behaviors. Managers are also trained how to observe—and model—these behaviors for other employees. These measurement tools are then used as the basis of a cycle of internal evaluations and coaching to fuel continuous improvement.

This allows you to create customer delight from within your business™.


Actionable Insight

What happens to the evaluation after it’’s completed is just as important as the training. After all, a file cabinet full of employee evaluations doesn’’t do much good if the results aren’’t used. That’’s where our GuestLink™™ system comes in.

BestMark’s powerful, web-based, rules-driven system (GuestLink™™) allows you to conduct regularly scheduled internal employee reviews, track results and link the data to other performance measures.

Our online system also allows you to:

When we help you integrate internal evaluations with external customer satisfaction research studies, mystery shop programs and external audits, the data tells a powerful, aligned story that fuels leadership decision-making and drives loyalty and profits.

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