It's all about the understanding the customer experience. Companies that increasingly gain market share and sustain high customer loyalty don’t achieve these accomplishments by accident. Leading companies know that if they want to keep customers from defecting to the competition, they must listen and respond to what customers want.

Insight from Customers that Don't Purchase

Reports indicate that anywhere from 50 percent 82 percent of customers leave retail stores without purchasing. For most retailers, increasing the percentage of purchasing customers by a very attainable 5 percent could make a tremendous difference to the bottom line.

For example, if 50 percent of a store’’s 200 daily customers typically make purchases, and this store’’s average sale per customer is $40 raising the customer purchase rate to 55 percent would equate to an additional $400/day and $146,000 annually. If that store was part of a 100-store chain, and they all raised their purchase rates from 50 percent to 55 percent, the additional annual sales would equate to almost $15 million.

How can you ensure that a higher percentage of your customers make purchases? You must first ask your customers why they are not purchasing, understand what wants and needs you are not fulfilling, and act.

The BestMark Advantage – Customer Intercept / Exit Surveys

Customer intercept interviews (also called exit interviews) are especially insightful because the interviews take place at your locations, during or immediately after your customers'’ shopping experiences. It is here that customers can accurately recall details of their shopping experiences and express their reasons for purchasing or not purchasing.

BestMark will help you create an interview that directly and concisely uncovers the information you need to know:

Why should you choose BestMark for your exit interviewing needs? First of all, most companies that offer exit interviews charge approximately double the price we can offer. Some of these companies even charge many times more because they fly exit interviewers to certain locations. At BestMark, we have qualified exit interviewers across the country, which typically enables us to avoid travel costs altogether.

Further, our lower costs do NOT equate to lower quality. Due to our efficient processes, rules-based systems, and sophisticated training, our error rate is almost non-existent. We pride ourselves on having the best quality assurance processes in the industry:

Our exit interviewers know that the manner in which they gather your data is just as important as the data itself. As an extension of your company, they will be courteous, appreciative and sincerely engaged when interacting with your customers.

Actionable Insight

Too many companies have made the mistake of gathering customer feedback and then finding that they have an overwhelming amount of data that they aren't sure how to use. We can help you understand which customer-suggested improvements will give you the greatest return on your investment through increased customer loyalty and profitability.

We also can measure the progress of your action plans with additional services and solutions such as mystery shops, compliance audits, and follow-up exit interviews. This holistic and cyclical process will enable you to stay on the forefront of understanding your customers' needs and help you prioritize your actions for continually improving customers' experiences and your bottom line.

Contact BestMark to learn more about how we can unlock your company’’s potential for ever-increasing success.