If you’re not teaching your employees how to enhance the customer experience, you’re not fulfilling your potential to enhance loyalty and profitability. Our training programs give everyone in your organization the knowledge necessary to wow your customers.

Customized online customer service training modules and certification testing are essential for teaching employees what it looks like and sounds like to delight customers. If your company doesn’t have an internal staff devoted to training, we have dedicated solutions for providing this key component of achieving customer satisfaction.

A well-thought out training program is essential for making the most of a mystery shop program and other forms of measurement. We can help you create and administer training to your employees to ensure everyone is set up for success.

Our training for your employees and internal management will integrate seamlessly with your customer feedback programs because we create and implement the same training for our field representatives. This way, everyone knows what to look for, and everyone is held to a uniform standard. It also greatly increases statistical validity when analyzing data.

The BestMark Advantage –— Employee Training / Certification

Our training programs are designed to work hand-in-hand with the rest of our management solutions. The underlying purpose is to improve customer satisfaction and promote growth.

BestMark’s consulting services use proprietary research methods to isolate and identify the primary behaviors that delight customers for your particular business. Once those behaviors are identified, we craft online training modules and develop certification tests that are consistent with your existing training materials.

BestMark’s knowledgeable staff and talented writers will make sure the material is presented in an easy-to-understand manner. We have a unique ability to distill large amounts of complex information into simple, trainable concepts.

Our research confirms that showing employees what ideal behaviors look like and sound like and making employees accountable for the delivery is a proven way to increase growth.

Benefits of our training and certification solutions

Actionable Insight

We create web-based training tools accessible to all involved. Our powerful GuestLink™™ system even allows you to mandate regularly scheduled employee trainings and certifications and link that data to other performance measures.

We can help you understand which concepts are most responsible for increasing customer satisfaction and help focus training efforts in those areas. Pairing our training solutions with additional services, such as mystery shops, compliance audits, and follow-up exit interviews, is a great way to maximize the value of the training program and realize the positive impact training has on the entire organization.